Be a Guest Writer!

Have a Tude, Join the Tude

We encourage submissions of guest posts by all members of the triad: adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents. We're especially interested in finding more work by birth parents and adoptees, because these perspectives are often left out of popular accounts about adoption.

We ask writers to tell their own stories or to take on a particular adoption topic in the news. These subjects—and more—always interest us:
  • The ethics of adoption
  • Transracial adoptions: personal stories, dealing with racism
  • Current research about adoption
  • Media hype and falsehoods about adoption
  • Culture-keeping with international adoptees
  • Adoptees and identity
  • Adoption politics: adoptee rights, sealed birth records
  • Search and reunion
  • Foster parenting: the process, the practice
  • The emotional fallout from adoption and fostering
  • The joy of adoption

UPDATE: As of June 2012, Adopt-a-tude will no longer be publishing on this site or responding to article queries. Thank you all for your support.